Why use a Multi-Discipline firm of Building Professionals

As we are a multi-discipline firm of building professionals we can offer you all the professional building services under one roof,  For example if you are proposing to have built a rear extension or a loft conversion, we will take  your brief,  survey the existing  property then produce a survey drawing of the existing property.  From this information we will prepare alternative scheme drawings for you to select the design which most for fills your needs.

building professionals plansWe can then produce the planning stage drawings and submit them for either permitted development or full planning approval as appropriate. We will liaise with the Planning Officers throughout the approval period.

At that stage we can if you so wish prepare a budget estimate of the likely building cost.

Once planning has been obtained, our building professionals will proceed to produce the architectural, structural and services drawings and specifications. When we receive your approval of the full design we will produce the Tender Stage specification and documentation and invite tenders from suitable builders. You may add names to this list,. We will if possible obtain references of the chosen builders and visit with you to see examples of their work. We will also check that their current work load will allow them to start your job within your time frame.

building professionals tendersOnce the tenders are received we will analyse them and prepare a report for your consideration. You may wish us to take up further references on the favoured builder.

Once a builder has been selected, we will prepare the appropriate building contract and ensure he has all the necessary insurances. We will request from him a full time line programme, this  will show when any client direct purchase items are required on site, We will also request details of his site supervisory team..

Then we will agree a schedule of payments and check the contractor’s valuations before recommending to you to any stage payments.

Once the works start, our building professionals will make periodic site visits to inspect the construction.

At the appropriate time we will certify Practical Completion.  This generally means when you can take back possession of the building or site from the builder. At that time the Final Account for the cost of the building works is computed. A final account payment. is given to the builder with a 5% retention for three months. When the three months is complete a final snagging is carried out to ensure that any defects are made good. The  builders responsibility ends at that time but any reputable builder will come back if called to rectify any latent defects,

We will always be at hand to assist the client with any matters giving you concern.

So you can see why you should use a multi-discipline firm of building professionals as you only have to deal with one company.  This will take over all the responsibilities so you will not have one company blaming another who rejects responsibility if something goes wrong, A one stop shop when you want to carry out any major in your view building work to your home.

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